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Frontier Model School, Warsak Road, Peshawar

Dekho door ik laash pari hay,

Chorahay k daa’en janib,

Konay par sunsaan gali k,

Kachra kundi dekh rahay ho?

Uss k paas lahoo main lipti,

Khaak aalooda bikhri bikhri,

Ghair ya apna kon hay janay!

Aao daikhain aur pehchanein

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It really annoys me when I hear fellow Pakistanis complaining about racism – not annoyed because of their racist attitude but because we don’t look at ourselves before we point our fingers at others.

I had a nasty experience the other day when I was talking to someone on an online forum. He was pleasant enough until I told him about my ethnic background when all hell broke loose. His comments were so nasty that they would put the KKK to shame. He blamed the entire Pukhtun race for all of Pakistan’s problems interspersed with four letter words and accusations of us smelling like sweat and curry. It took me a minute to realise that it was another Pakistani who had insulted me and not some foreigner. It was far more shocking.  I still can’t believe the day has come where we are at each other’s throats.

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We are aware of revolutions in the Honda World. The Honda Civic 2007 had been an ultimate one though less densely popular in the Europe but over densely popular in Asia. The Honda Civic industry now brings an another revolution. Here you go. Have a look.

It’s the all new Honda Civic. The arrival of all new Honda Civic 2012 is just on cards. Make way of this next generation car. Civic this time doesn’t make its change just on lights. But the body and the overall look is also given a change. With its shining effect and crystal lights, the new Civic soon after its arrival will be every second person’s choice. The arrival is expected in January 2012.

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Pakistani authorities and network operators can’t detect over 70 percent of illegal telephony traffic, due to limited resources and non-up-gradation of equipment, said media reports, quoting Chairman PTA.

Dr. Yaseen, Chairman PTA told this to Senate’s Standing Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunication, which expressed concerns over the illegal grey traffic issue.


Daily Times writes:

Chairman PTA Dr. Mohammed Yaseen told the committee that the existing monitoring system is capable of detecting limited number of Voice Over Internet Protocols (VoIPs) whereas VoIPs protocols evolves continuously. Therefore, the monitoring capability of Pakistan is limited.

He said both legal and illegal operators had been involved in gray trafficking and even some people installed VoIP equipment in their homes. The existing monitoring system is capable of checking only 30 percent international voice traffic while the 70 percent passed without check.

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Defence.PK, one of the largest and most active Pakistani forum on internet, reportedly got hacked earlier today by an independent Indian hacker.

Hacker claims that he has got access to main database of and a 2 GB file has been dumped and saved with him. He aims to release the whole dump, that contains user information of some 38,000 members, sometime later.


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