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Frontier Model School, Warsak Road, Peshawar

Brain was the first computer virus made in Lahore.Does that make it a technology marvel or another illegal act? I think there is nothing smart

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By Sheharyar Khan

A few years ago I remember cursing the conditions of Pakistan when it came to concerts taking place in our country. We all knew that expecting a big shot concert anywhere near our cities was a clear invitation of a security threat and for it to take place was just inviting trouble altogether.

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Government of Punjab initiated a scheme for the development of youth by distributing  100,000 laptops among the students all around the province

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Located in Khewra, Jehlum District Khewra Salt Mines attract more than 40,000 visitors every year and is the second largest salt mine around the world.

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By Yasir Nazar Momin & Shehrayar Khan [ Publication Officers PYLC 2012 ]

It's been a tough few weeks for NUPSA Pakistan- From it's very foundation till the events up to date, NUPSA Pakistan has been a roller coaster ride for everybody that has been a part of this organization since it's very beginning.

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By Osama Yawar

A campaign against a renowned news paper Express Tribune took place from the last few days on facebook and youtube calling Express Tribune as Sex Press Tribune. The campaign took place by a force named "Pakistan Cyber Force" having agenda to aware people about the reality of Express Tribune.

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By Mehar Tariq & Sahibzada Haider Jan

Studying abroad has always been an exciting and a life changing experience for Pakistani students in particular because it develops global awareness, academic learning, leadership skills, personal growth, and an optimal way to learn a foreign language. Pakistan is the world's sixth most populous nation and continues to be among the leading sources of foreign students in America, Europe, Australia and new emerging higher education destinations in Asia. Every year over 10,000 Pakistani students go to UK for higher education (IPTU-India Pakistan Trade Unit, November 2011). There is also an upward trend in Pakistani students studying in Australia. Around 5,000 Pakistani students have chosen the country for higher studies in 2011 (Australian High Commission, May 2011).

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By Sheharyar Khan A.K.A Chase

Remember that time back in school when we used to make paper planes and fly them around the class at the faintest hint of the teacher not showing up for the next five minutes ? Well, it apparently seems that the folks here in Peshawar are still young at heart as they hold a paper plane flying competition in Institute of Management Sciences.

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