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Frontier Model School, Warsak Road, Peshawar

SITARA BROOJ AKBAR created a world record after passing her O-Level examination in Mathematics, English and Science at the age of 11. For Sitara its not new, She has already created a world record before after passing O-Level Biology at the age of 10 and Chemistry at the age of 9 which is the first time ever done in Pakistan by someone.

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Few days back the President of Pakistan , Asif Ali Zardari , left suddenly for Dubai following "MILD HEART ATTACK". The Army doctors claimed that he was fine but any how no one knows what`s the inside and what is the real story.

When the same question was asked from the leaders of Pakistan People`s Party, They came up with many conflicting answers and the discrimination created a scenario that raised a question in every one`s mind that either the President will come back or not ?

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The definition of being a professional anything is quite candid; for the one searching for where they fit into the world of photography they can have a pretty abstract concept. You’re a professional at something when it’s your profession whereas in the world of photography the word profession may have a more strict definition, unfortunately; it’s not as simple as being a doctor or a therapist or even a farmer because photography is something unique and different. It is basically a hobby or passion turned into a profession and a business later. For some, it’s part-time or non serious thing, for others it’s the source and reason of living side by side. It’s up to them when they cross that line from a hobbyist to a professional !

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“I don’t know how you got this book, but I’m glad you got it” (Seven habits of highly effective teens, Sean Covey)

The same can be said about the Youth Expo. It doesn’t matter how you got to know about it but its great that you participated, and those of you who missed it or didn’t get to know about it, here’s your chance to relive those golden moments of learning,

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Pakistan cricket team is once again in ICC world top 20 rankings for Test , ODI`s and Twenty 20. Pakistan cricket team after beating Sri Lanka last month gave a tough time to team Bangladesh in ODI`s this month and the test matches are still to go.

Pakistan cricket team had faced a lot in last few month and specially the spot-fixing really brought down the team moral but the unity and strength they showed in the last two series changed every one`s mind and rose up the moral of all the players of the team specially the young one`s .

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Following the TOP 5 UNIVERSITIES OF THE WORLD 2011/2012 and Top 5 Fastest Cars In The World [ 2011-2012 ] we thought to write something related to the mobile world.So here we are with the Top five free iPhone app`s of 2011 . You can also download these applications by clicking on the title of the application.


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Lately Peshawar is emerging with its very own local music scene. There are new bands coming out, which are giving their own spin to conventional types of pop and rock music, giving way to a new era of the pop music in the history of Pakistan. The work being done is exciting, contemporary and empirical and is exemplifying its own unique identity.

These guys are working on folk, fusion, rap metal and much more. Out of many there are some bright stars that are making their way through the skies.

Ismail & Junaid :

From the gush of pop in Peshawar, Ismail and Junaid stand on top. Ismail and Junaid is a Pushto musical band springing from Peshawar. The band is comprised of two members ‘Ismail Khan’, the lead singer, poet and composer and ‘Junaid Javed’, the guitarist, composer and supporting vocalist.

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Veena Malik who has always been accused in both Pakistan and India for her acts and specially the role she played in Big Boss  but this time she is not a part of any such conspiracy and she claims that she is innocent.

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