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Arbab Khizer Hayat is a senior leader of Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa who has been working for the party for long. He is one of those political workers who always stood up for the party and raised their voice in favor of the party.

On asking him about PML-N`s career in KPK, he said that PML-N is the party of the people of Pakistan who`s objective is not only to uplift the economic condition of Pakistan but also to promote education and culture of Pakistan. PML-N always came up with idea`s to empower the youth of Pakistan that includes many vital projects like Laptop scheme.

Arbab Khizer Hayat Khan when asked about the situation of Balouchistan, said that every Balouch family is mourning the abduction of a youth. Immediate recovery of the missing persons, he stressed, should be ensured, as Balouch people, because of this very issue, do not trust any other national institution than the judiciary.

He noted that even in the democratic rule, Balouchistan is under the influence of "men in uniform". He observed that if the parliament were supreme, the situation in Balouchistan would have been different. He said Balouchistan was mistreated in the reign of democratic governments as well as during dictatorship.

He included that we want the immediate recovery of the missing persons. It is incumbent upon the government to take such steps that are instrumental in restoring the confidence of the Balouch people. Instead of shedding crocodile tears the government must come up with a pragmatic solution for Balouchistan.

He claimed that the situation in Balouchistan was not good as the real leadership was not representing the province. He said that the mutilated bodies of political workers were being found from different areas.

In an answer to a question regarding "What PML-N did regarding this issue except highlighting it?", Arbab Khizer Hayat said, PML-N leader urged for the arrest of Nawab Akbar Bhugti’s killers and party from the very first day had its stance on this issue that they should be treated equally. He said if people of Pakistan gave another chance to PML-N, it will be our first priority to resolve the issue of Balouchistan. He said that the issue would not be resolved without taking an appropriate action. The nation will observe that how far we will go in resolving the matter

Answering to question regarding Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf, he said PTI is trying to brain wash the youth of Pakistan and nothing else. We did not see any youth activist on the core positions of the party. All the left and right hands of Imran Khan are the same old face who were misguided and were following the wrong path.

He included that, I personally challenge Imran Khan to contest elections from Peshawar against me and he`ll get to know about his position in KPK.

In the last question regarding the reason of leaving PPP he said, PPP leaders lied to me at every step. Their leadership is not loyal to any one and not even to their own workers. We can see how every other political leader is leaving PPP and joining other parties. He also included that PPP did not fulfill its promises which they did with the people of Pakistan.

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