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By Ahmed Qazi: 

In the recent past there has been a growing concern of various Asian countries around their coast lines of the emerging chain of islands. The summer saw a succession of maritime disputes involving China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan and Philippines. The common examples of these conflicts were the rising rallies of anti Japanese in the cities of China over the chain of islands called as Senkakus in Japan and Diayous in China. However on one hand where some of the newspaper has promoted offensive action against Japan in terms of taking over these islands, Chinese government very effectively is concerned about keeping peace and handling the issue diplomatically as it is not interested in repeating the history as happened a century ago by the offensive actions based on Nationalism taken forth by Germany. China is pretty aware of the economic setbacks the fight over these pieces of rocks may cause, and coming from a 150 year long of crisis and humiliation Chinese are not enthusiastic about anything of the same kind again.

Taking the word of optimists forward, they believe that Asian countries are way too much stuck in building up their future and trade deals and have less time to end in war situation. China is one of the biggest trading partners of Japan and doing so will not be interested in going into war with them for a piece of land causing them an economic setback. However in the past various activities have suggested that any offensive act from each side had seen a negative effect on the trade deals of the two countries. Adding to that, there is growing domestic pressure as well where general citizens are putting pressure on the governmental bodies to press on its own territorial claims and go to any level if required. Thus nationalism is on a rise in Asia, where though no apparent expansion thoughts are seen from China or Japan however the concept of Nationalism, building of empire and not ready to compromise approach from Asian countries sound threatening. Where Vietnam, Japan and Philippines are aware that if they compromise China may see them going weak and may enforce more demands and on the other hand Chinese believe that if they compromise it would mark them weak in front of global powers which would encourage plots against them.

However there is an urgent need of cooperation among the countries living in Asia where they need to cooperatively introduce reforms and deals which would leave these areas as neutral and joint reserves of claiming nations, as if even one of the state takes over these islands the investment company would never show interest in investing in it as it would always be in a fear of being attacked by the opposing party. Similarly if any war waged at these areas might attract global attention and result in another World War, which would be not in favor of any of the parties. Thus a mutual cooperation is in need for the control of these crisis with China’s role to be significant which needs to stand to its promise made of being a silent developer of assets and avoid being a threat to other neighboring countries. Also any nationalist initiative taken forth by China might result in a political WTO complain against them as well which would leave them with a severe economic jolt of global trade, which would never be favored by China. Thus, it will be optimal if China chooses for a peaceful rise then an urge for lead, and other claiming nations to keep away from what may call for global offense.


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