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Frontier Model School, Warsak Road, Peshawar
Famous Places

Chowk Yaadgar (the place of remembrance) is old Peshawar's central square, is at the end of the Ander Shehr. The traditional site of political rallies, is the Speakers Corner of Peshawar, and the heroes of the 1965.Indo-Pakistani War assembling political rallies and demonstrations during the struggle for independence, also many anti-British demonstration started out from this square. In fact, the variety of crafts in which Peshawar excels even today is amazing, and this is a part of the city's character often eclipsed by its martial tradition. On the left (west) side of the square, money-changers squat on hand knotted carpets with their safes behind them and their pocket calculators and mobile telephones at the ready. They will change any currency (illegally), but will accept only large notes. The houses here, built mostly of unbaked bricks set in wooden frames to guard against earthquakes. Many old houses have beautifully carved heavy wooden doors and almost all have highly ornamental wooden balconies, towards Chowk Yaadgar, a bird market, where songbirds are sold as pets in small cages, as in China.

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