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Frontier Model School, Warsak Road, Peshawar
Underground Bands

Fortitude - Pukhtoon Core - The Pioneers and Creators of Pushto Rap. The rap band Fortitude hails from Peshawar. This aint average rap band living next door they are here to produce some serious knocking beats with rap having variety of flows. They are the first ever rap band and rappers from KPK province.


They are the fusion of fast rap, groovy beats & Pashto rap.

Details Of Band Members are Below ...

Shaxxx : Real name - Shahkar Alam Khan . He is an EmCee. He writes lyrics and a rapper with an exceptional fast flow. He also does experimental flows and R&B sometimes.People also call him 'Fast rhymer'

Party Wrecker : Real Name - Mustafa Kamal Khan .He's an EmCee .The First Rapper to Introduce Pashto Rap In world . He has a Party flow with aggressiveness and does R&B. He's also a member of a side project known as Project BX with other talented artists from Pakistan.

Webster : Real Name - Shumail Alam Khan .The main master mind of Fortitude and one of the very few in Pak hip hop who does it all i.e, he is the music producer (makes beats), mixes & masters the tracks, he raps as well and writes lyrics [EmCee Aswell].





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